The self-titled three track EP by Plymouth???s Patrons shows the promise of a new band who find it easy to flit between different sounds but still release a cohesive effort. There???s hints of La Dispute, Thrice and Reuben. Post-hardcore, punk-y and a hint of emo.

Dark guitar riffs with melodic breaks are the EP???s cornerstone, showing control that the band have. The songs are punctuated by a fantastic rhythm section that really stands out, with technical drumming and frequent time signature changes.

First track ???Rituals??? is an introduction to the band???s sound which the next two songs expand upon. ???Movements??? does this best with it???s display of powerful and punchy vocals, building up slowly and slowly until the final minute where the band really let loose.

The three tracks merge seamlessly into one another making the EP feel like a whole work rather than a collection of three songs. And while none of the songs are too grabbing alone, it???s clear the band are more interested making a cohesive release that should be sat and listened to with time to pick out the subtleties rather than anything that leaps out instantly. A great first release from a band with a lot of potential.