In a dark, hidden corner in the heart of Manchester, one of the city???s best kept secrets lies. Ruby Lounge, reminiscent of??The Twin Peaks Red Room,??has over recent years interwoven itself with some of the must-see tours on the music devotee???s radar. Ruby Lounge is intricate and intimate, therefore appointing itself as the place to be if what you???re into is connecting with a band and with the music. Thursday night happened to be all about the connections???

On a seemingly ordinary Manchester evening, an extraordinary air of anticipation and excitement overwhelmed this veiled locket of a venue. Awash with a leather clad zeal, it would be impossible to not be swept up and sent cruising along the wave which edged eagerly towards 9pm. By 9:15, a surreal ambience had presented itself within the room; a cool, sci-fi blue draped the stage as a pounding orchestral composition left the audience curious and lusting for the start of the show. As a restless crowd hung in the hopeful balance, the lights dropped, leaving only two bright spotlights directly over the stage. Within seconds, a tsunami of energy erupted upon the stage; stinging, tingling and sparkling in their co-ordinated metallic shirts and unapologetic thrashing of their instruments. The crowd were immediately hooked as the band who back in 2006 sent guitar music spiralling into a compelling new rave direction ??? burst into Atlantis to Interzone. Instantly, the band and audience were one as they lovingly thrived off each other???s dynamism and performance.

Since they began with a firm fan favourite, Klaxons then slipped seamlessly into a couple of tracks off their keenly awaited third album Love Frequency. Children of the Sun and There is No Other Time dropped as though they were classics; the crowd spat all the words back at the band with the most adoring of spirit, which urged Klaxons to give more and more and more, reaching a level of electricity which seemed to make it impossible for anyone in the room to stand still, whether you were on stage or not.

Klaxons continued to intertwine their new tracks with their much loved older stuff, although if you were to judge by the crowd, you could not tell which was old and which was new as the fans were relentless in their support and verve for the band. As expected, tracks such as Golden Skans and Magick left the dance floor rattling hopelessly as everything anyone had was thrown into the mix. A cheeky encore with definitive floor filler It???s Not Over set alight to a beautiful anarchy in which the admiration and affection shared within the room became extremely poignant.

With frequent chants of ???Manchester na na na??? from the crowd as well as Klaxons??? numerous declarations of ???Manchester, you???re always the best??? and ???this is the best city in the country??? you could not help but feel that the irreplaceable Manchester music scene had welcomed an adoptee. Klaxons earned themselves this honour by creating an intimacy with their audience, involving their audience???s voice and dedication, multiplying it and throwing it back out to them.

With the revealing of new tracks, Klaxons exhibited how they are proving themselves to be one of those underestimated bands that you should really keep an eye on; their style is prevalent, innovative and untouchable. When they emerged on to the music scene eight years ago, they took a guitar music format that worked; they twisted it and added a spice which encouraged a new wave of indie. At this gig, Klaxons showed how sure they are of what they wish to generate and send rippling across the music world; the crowd showed just how Klaxons are succeeding in this endeavour. Love Frequency is released in early June 2014, and is looking to be one of the albums of the summer, if not the year. If you are in a position to go and see Klaxons live, grab it with both hands, this is not a band to be missed if??you are a lover of the live experience.