Introducing: Signed In Crimson

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Introducing: Signed In Crimson

Rising from the ashes of a disbanded former project, The Vivid HollowSigned In Crimson are on a mission to prove that their brand of hard-hitting female-fronted rock is precisely what the doctor ordered. We caught up with the band ahead of their first UK tour.

Hello, great to speak to you! For our readers who havent heard of Signed in Crimson previously, give us a little idea what it is that you guys do.

Were a female-fronted rock band based in the North West and we write, record and perform our own style of modern alternative rock music.
How did you guys meet?
We originally met as part of a covers band, at which time we were all involved in other projects. The covers band was just a bit of fun and a way to make some money. One by one, our projects disbanded and we when we played gigs with the covers band, people would always ask if we had any of our own music, so we decided to give it a go. We started introducing our own songs into the covers sets and we were encouraged by the reaction, so we decided to go full-time as an originals band.
Is there a story behind how the name came about?
We wanted a name which meant something. At the time, wed come through a pretty rough patch after the break up of our former band. They say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and the three of us (Micki, Kyle and Ant) did feel so much stronger and closer for coming through it. We liked the name Signed In Crimson as it refers to the bond of trust we have between the group. The abbreviation, sic also has a Latin translation of as it is written, which again refers to the bond we have. And finally, we love that the abbreviation of the three words is SIC!
Which bands/artists would you cite as influences on your own sound?
We’ve got a pretty eclectic taste in music and I think it shows in the music we create. We all draw from Alt. Rock bands such as Incubus but the twist and idiosyncrasies come from how we take our influence -s such as Micki’s love of powerful female singers, Tim’s love of math rock bands, Ant’s love of 80s and 90s rock music and Kyle’s love of Frank Zappa - and make it all work.
Do you think that female-fronted rock is under-represented within music at the moment?
I dont think its necessarily under-represented on the underground scene, as there are some great female-fronted bands out there (Tantrum To Blind, Icon For Hire, Skarlett Riot). However, the mainstream charts are dominated by Paramore and every other rock band with a female singer seems to get compared to them. Id like to think we offer something a little different; were definitely heavier than Paramore. Im sure theres room for more female-fronted bands if given the chance.
What is it about the genre that you think makes it so powerful?
Women have come so far in such a short time. Its crazy to think not so long ago women were fighting for the right to vote and throughout most of history have been treated as lesser to men. I think this genre is incredibly powerful, musically its mixing energy and angsty sounds with a softer and more vulnerable perspective. On a whole, female fronted rock is empowering women everywhere to have their own voice, speak up, take charge and dont forget to rock out!
Is any of your music out there for us to get our hands on already?
Yes weve recently released a five-track EP, I Can See You Now’. You can download it on iTunes, listen on Spotify or buy a CD from our website . We worked our asses off and funded the EP ourselves, so were really proud to have been able to produce it from scratch in just a few months.

Youre heading out on tour in October; this must be a really exciting time for the band?
We had two major goals for this year: release an EP and do a UK Tour. Were really pleased that well have hit both goals by October. Weve played some great gigs across the North West but were really excited to bring our music to some different parts of the country.
Is there anywhere in particular that youre looking forward to visiting?
Were looking forward to playing all the places weve never played before, but in particular our London show at the legendary Dublin Castle venue in Camden should be a blast.
What can we expect from a Signed in Crimson live show?
High energy and lots of crazy headbanging! We try to be a little different from most bands with our live show. We can rock out with the best of them, but were also not afraid to slow things down and perform a ballad. Our bassist Ant also plays cello, which weve incorporated into our sound, and he plays an electric cello live on some songs, which is a bit different. We can guarantee that well be bringing our A-game to every show, and giving our all on stage every night.
Whats next? More material? An album?
Were not ones to sit back and enjoy the rewards of our hard work. In fact, weve already started writing tracks for a full length album which we hope to release next year. Well be releasing new singles over the next few months, and we may even play some new material on our tour.
Weve (sadly) just come to the end of festival season. Did you head to any yourselves? Any acts in particular that you were excited about seeing?
Kyle went to Leeds festival and caught some really great British rock bands like Don Broco and Lower than Atlantis. What we really love about festivals is that you can come across a range of artists and explore all corners of modern music. We are really looking forward to hitting up some festivals next summer!
Thanks for speaking to us and good luck with the tour! Anything else that youd like to say to our readers before you go?
Thanks for having us, and thanks to the readers for taking an interest in what we do.