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For fans of Turin Brakes, the three years since their last studio release has felt like a very long time. The London duo have played intimate UK venues during this time in between but their upcoming February/March tour will be their first chance to showcase new material since 2010’s ‘Outbursts’. Sound-Revolution caught up with one half of the band, Olly Knights, to find out exactly what we can expect.

Its been a couple of years now since the release of Outbursts - it must be exciting to be on the road playing new material?

We haven’t road-tested the new stuff much yet we will begin doing that from now. Its always a delicate balance as what works live doesnt always translate in the studio and vice versa!

For our readers who are yet to hear any of your new output, what can they expect?

I find this question harder and harder to answer but I guess to me it sounds like vintage Turin Brakes with some newer psychedelic undertones. The demos so far are more open than previous TB material and the music is allowed to go off on a little trip if it wants to. We’re not too worried about sticking to 3.5 minute structures any more weve done our time.

Youre visiting some very interesting cities on the tour. Is there anywhere in particular that youre looking forward to

We just love to pile into a nice big car and bomb off down the road on our little adventures these days.

What do you like to do to relax and entertain yourselves between shows?

EatWe spend much of our time between gigs hunting down the finest dining experiences each town has to offer; its a hobby and a pleasure.

Are the live shows going to consist of the usual live band of Rob and Eddy? Are there any extra surprises along the way?

Yeah, its very much about the four-piece these days. It really has a special magic and we cant wait to get it down on record!

Your sound is often compared to other British acoustic acts from around the same time such as Doves, Starsailor, Travis etc. although you seem to maintain a stronger folk influence than most of these. Do you think such comparisons are lazy/unfair?

Yeah, its pretty damn lazy and unfair but we’re so used to it that we barely notice those old comparisons now we could just as easily be compared to Neil Young and Crazy Horse. When people come to the shows, I dont think they compare us to anything other than Turin Brakes to be honest. Weve made our own musical world that started when we were kids.

What are your opinions on modern British music? What are you enjoying thats out there at the moment?

I dont really care about scenes be they UK based or anything else, I just know when I hear some truth. Most of what I hear does nothing for me special music doesnt come about easily or often, thats what makes it special! Occasionally Ill get a delightful surprise and then Im hooked. I currently love albums by Jessica Pratt, Tame Impala, Laura Marling, Bon Iver, The Staves, along with many classic folk rock records from the 70s.

When it comes to being in the studio, how does the dynamic of a musical duo work? Do you think its easier to write and create than a four or five piece band?

For this album weve written with the four-piece in mind more than ever before its all hands to the pump. We get most songs developed through jamming together at the moment. This is a totally different approach to our previous ways where Id generally isolate myself and only develop things with Gale; wed then have to re-learn the recorded material as a band for live. Now we’re going into the studio as a band.

Finally, anything else to say to the readers of Sound-Revolution?

Do you ever get it where a certain word gets stuck in your head and becomes more and more absurd until you cant remember what it actually means?

Follow the link below to buy tickets for any of the Turin Brakes UK tour dates.

Turin Brakes Tour Dates

Feb 1st Gloucester Guildhall, GLOUCESTER

Feb 2nd Lemon Tree, ABERDEEN

Feb 8th The Venue, DERBY

Feb 9th St Pauls Arts Centre, WORTHING

Feb 22nd Sub89, READING

Feb 23rd 53 Degrees, PRESTON

March 6th St Marys, ASHFORD