Interview: Peace

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Interview: Peace

??It has been an explosive twelve months for Peace. With the enormous promotional thrust that comes with the backing of the NME and a prestigious slot on the NME tour, the four-piece have brought their difficult-to-place brand of mildly grungey indie to the forefront of the scene. Looking back on the past year and looking forward to what 2014 promises to bring Sound-Revolutions Charlotte Reck grabbed a few words with front man, Harry Koisser.

We???ve heard the very exciting news that you have already begun work on your second album! So far, would you say that your sound is changing and if so, is that a conscious decision?

Harry: There are some changes; it???s more the way we???re doing it though. Rather than just recording the sound and the way we play it???s more like, recording the songs and fine tuning. Before, it was very unconscious

The debut album received a lot of critical acclaim and was hyped by sources such as the NME has that put more pressure on for this second album?

H: Not especially, we???re just continuing doing the same thing we???ve always done. I guess we???re quite confident about it. The sound is not especially different, but a little.

You???ve toured A LOT this year, from small intimate venues to huge festivals, most notably Glastonbury! How does it feel when you walk on to the John Peel Stage and see those thousands of people having a great time to your music?

H:I don???t know, I can???t really remember big shows I was so nervou. Were confident, but you don???t really know if anyone is going to be there or how they???ll be. Leeds was the first show that big that I remember, Reading and Glastonbury are kind of like ???Oh, what???s going to happen???. It???s a good feeling; I guess it???s just confusing. You don???t expect it.

Speaking of the tour, would you say you have a favourite venue?

H: All the shows have been amazing; there???s not really been any bad show. I enjoyed Newcastle a lot and Glasgow, I always enjoy Scotland. London was weird; we hadn???t done a big venue there. We did two nights in London so that was quite a big deal.

Whether it be for musical reason, or performance style or maybe both who has influenced you?

H: Musically is a hard one to nail you can hear it in the car or a taxi radio, its difficult. I guess bands taking the idea of four people making this entity; you know The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin. I think Freddie Mercury or David Bowie as a front man. But ???musically??? is so much harder to explain, it???s hard to put what it is into a sentence.

Have you guys got any particularly crazy fans?

H: We???ve got some fans we see a lot (laughs).?? People will travel quite far, occasionally from Japan or sometimes we???ll be in America and someone has come from somewhere like, Sheffield!

Have any fans ever done anything really mad?

H: Last night someone jumped up trying to kiss me and had to be taken off the stage???

That???s kind of a compliment though isn???t it?

H: (Laughs) Yeah. Unexpected stuff happens all the time.

Who would you most like to work with?

H: Jimmy Page I guess. It???s the way he shapes sounds. He has a good idea about a band and fitting together different instruments. Yeah, Jimmy Page??? and he loves guitar.