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Benin City play at Portico on Friday. Grab tickets HERE.


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Top 25 Records of 2013

December 22, 2013 • Featured,Features, Views: 870

So already its that time of year again. We attempt to fit as much of the years good music into the most digestible format possible, in the hope that youll either agree, become intrigued, or find a whole bunch of records you want to explore before we get to 2014. Rather than


Interview: Peace

December 22, 2013 • Featured,Features,Interviews, Views: 366

??It has been an explosive twelve months for Peace. With the enormous promotional thrust that comes with the backing of the NME and a prestigious slot on the NME tour, the four-piece have brought their difficult-to-place brand of mildly grungey indie to the forefront of the scene. Looking back on

William DuVall

Part 3: Breaking the Chains

November 10, 2013 • Featured,Features, Views: 1368

In a five month period from September 1993 ??? January 1994, three of alternative rocks biggest bands each released material that created a peak period the genre in the 1990???s. After looking at Nirvana???s In Utero and Pearl Jam???s Vs., John Howell???s third and final part of the series takes a

Pearl Jam

Part Two: Versus The World

October 16, 2013 • Featured,Features, Views: 1316

Following on from last week???s article on Nirvana and In Utero, the second of a three part series see???s John Howell looking back on the Pearl Jam???s sophomore effort, Vs., and its place in music twenty years on from its release on October 19,??1993. Coming a little over a month after In Utero,


Interview: To Kill A King

October 1, 2013 • Featured,Features,Interviews, Views: 177

Do you feel To Kill a King???s sound has changed since you guys first started out? Yes, massively so. I think when we first started out we weren???t particularly certain of our musical identity. We were just five guys who wanted to make music but we weren???t quite certain of what type of music we


Introducing: Signed In Crimson

September 29, 2013 • Featured,Features,Interviews, Views: 159

  Rising from the ashes of a disbanded former project, The Vivid Hollow,??Signed In Crimson??are on a mission to prove that their brand of hard-hitting female-fronted rock is precisely what the doctor ordered. We caught up with the band ahead of their first UK tour. Hello, great to speak to